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Consisting of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the UK offers the full range of climates from the cold winters of Scotland to the warmer climes of the South coast of England along with a diverse, prosperous community. The UK, being an economic and cultural hub is the most sought-after standards of living in the world. The UK is the impeccably located place you can call home.


  • A diverse and a cosmopolitan society formed by large cultural and ethnic communities;
  • The highest level of education provided by both state/private schools and Universities that will benefit your children;
  • One of the best free medical care services;
  • A member of the G8;
  • One of the biggest financial business center (London);
  • An attractive tax regime for high net worth investors classed as “UK resident, non-domicile”;
  • A passport that is ranked #2 in the world

Why Choose World Migration?

Through our partnership with one of the best Immigration attorneys in the UK, you are able to enjoy faster processing times and accurate information. Through World Migration, you are not only getting your visa approved but a range of multiple services that are ongoing even after you have landed in the UK. You will also enjoy full legal representation and a complete business plan with up to date and accurate market research. Your first point of contact in the UK after the visa has been issued and you have made your entry into the UK, will be our Immigration attorney. In short, be rest assured that you have a legal representation in the UK when you enter the country and the services will extend throughout your term to the ILR and to the Passport acquisition.

The Program

The Entrepreneur visa is a business visa that allows the applicant to relocate to the UK specifically for the purpose of business. If you have a business idea that you would like to develop and bring to the UK, the entrepreneur visa will allow you to explore this idea. The applicant is able to either set up a new business or take over and existing one. Unlike other ‘work’ visas the tier 1 entrepreneur visa leads to settlement and, eventually, a British passport.



To get the initial business visa approved for a term of 3 years and 4 months, an applicant must;

  1. Have GBP 200,000 available to invest in the UK. The funds should be available in a bank account 90 days prior to the funds transfer;
  2. Meet the basic English language requirement;
  3. Show a maintenance fund balance for all applicants included in the application. This could range anywhere between GBP 900 – GBP 3000;


UK business Visa, being one of the fastest obtainable visa, can be obtained in 1-3 months, provided all the documents have been submitted to World Migrations. Once World Migration reviews your documents, the same is then sent to our Immigration Attorneys in the UK for a final review and preparation of a Business plan if required. Your application is then filed and your prepared and reviewed document kit is sent back to World Migration and will then be handed over to you. At this point, World Migration will book an interview at the British Embassy, where you and all the applicants will need to report on the interview date. Along with the Interview, you will have your bio metrics done at the Embassy. Your visas will be issued no later than 3 weeks from your interview date. After the visa has been issued, you will have 30 days to enter the UK and collect the originals of the bio metrics. At this point you would have made your first entry to the UK.

You will be entering the UK on a business visa that has a validity of 3 years and 4 months. During this time, you will need to set up your business or buy the existing business and have it running until the visa expiry. You will also need to employ 2 UK citizens in your company. At the end of the visa expiry you will need to further extend your visa for an additional 2 years and 5 months. You will continue running your business and enjoy the same benefits throughout this period. After you have completed your second term of 2 years and 5 months, you would have in total completed 5 years and 9 months in the UK and this gives you the eligibility to apply for the ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain)

Once you get the ILR, you will no longer be required to extend your Visa as this is status is for life. However, once you complete a period of 12 months on an ILR, you may apply for a British passport.