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The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in and actively manage a business in B.C

This program is also open for senior level Managers who are in the position for 3 or more years, actively managing the day to day operations and have at least 3 fulltime employees under them.


  • The best weather conditions in Canada unlike the extreme temperatures in neighbor provinces
  • It has recorded the lowest crime rate and so a safe haven
  • Vancouver is known for its cleanliness and ecofriendly environment
  • Vancouver is the perfect destination for students who want to enjoy the city and some outdoors activities.
  • Highest standards of education are available both in the University of British Colombia and Simon Fraser University
  • All other benefits a Canadian Citizen can enjoy

Why Choose World Migration?

Our partnership in British Colombia is with one of the best Immigration attorneys in the BC, who is also a sitting member in the creation of this program. Hence, a success rate of 100% and faster process. You are able to enjoy faster processing times and accurate information. Through World Migration, you are not only getting your visa approved but a range of multiple services that are ongoing even after you have landed in BC. You will also enjoy full legal representation and a complete business plan with up to date and accurate market research. Your first point of contact in BC after the visa has been issued and you have made your entry into BC, will be our Immigration attorney. In short, be rest assured that you have a legal representation in BC when you enter the country and the services will extend throughout your term to the PR acquisition.

The Program

The Entrepreneur visa is a business visa that allows an experienced business person to relocate to BC specifically for the purpose of establishing a business. If you have a business idea that you would like to develop and bring to BC, the entrepreneur visa will allow you to explore this idea. The applicant is able to either set up a new business or take over and existing one. You will travel initially on a work permit valid for 2 years and once the business is up and running, you will submit a final report of the progress of your business after which you can apply for a PR


  1. You must have a minimum of more than three years of experience as an active business owner-manager, or more than four years of experience as a senior manager
  2. Be ready to Invest a bare minimum of CAD 200,000. This could go up if your business requires more funding.


The Entrepreneur visa can be approved as quick as 5 months provided the applicant ensures a full submission of all the documents to World Migration. Upon receipt of the applicant’s documents, World Migration will do an initial review of the same. The full set of documents will be sent to the Immigration attorney. The attorney reviews the same and prepares a business plan along with market research and submits the file to the Immigration Dept. An approval of the file can be expected in as less as 5 months to a year. Once the approval is in place, the applicant has 12 months to make his first visit to BC and start his business. The validity of this visa is 2 years. However, upon the applicant’s arrival, they have 20 months to submit a final report of the business progress. Upon review of the final report, the approval of the same is expected and the applicant will be issued with a provincial nominee certificate. The applicant then needs to apply for a PR with the certificate.


The citizenship can be obtained if the applicant stays for a term of 4 out of 5 years in Canada.